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The International Trade Center, Inc. (ITC)  is a privately-owned corporation specializing in organizing promotional events on behalf of Italian government agencies and private sector institutions targeting U.S. markets. Headquartered in New York since its founding in 1982, the ITC has an extensive network of contacts with trade professionals, the press, opinion leaders and other VIPs. The ITCs promotional activities have received wide acclaim for their professionalism and attention to detail. Following are examples of events organized by the ITC:

·     Participation in local trade shows 

The ITC provides complete preparation for trade shows, including all necessary arrangements for the reservation and set-up of exhibition areas and any other up-front services required. Particular attention is given to drafting, printing and distribution of catalogs and invitations sent to the U.S. companies targeted as potential attendees as well as the crafting and distributing of press releases on behalf of the participating Italian companies and organizations. ITC is always on hand to provide assistance to exhibitors during shows and to deliver any necessary follow-up.

·     Organization of trade shows

The ITC has organized complete trade shows both for Italian manufacturers of specific products and for Italian trade associations, Chambers of Commerce, regions and provinces exhibiting a broad set of products which often can span a diverse group of industries or end markets.

·     Organization of food and wine tastings

Individual Italian regions have frequently requested events to showcase their products in selected hotels, restaurants and retail outlet and supermarkets in leading U.S. metropolitan centers. The preparation of such events includes all necessary arrangements for the rental of exhibition space, the writing of press releases and the mailing of press kits to specifically targeted press, as well as the placement of ads in local newspapers and magazines.

·     Organization of eno-gastronomic festivals

Such events are typically organized to showcase Italian food and wines in renowned restaurants and other marquee venues in key cities.

·     Organization of fashion shows

Italian fashion houses have engaged the ITC for introductory and promotional fashion events and requested complete packages, including the reservation of venues, preparation and mailing of catalogs and invitations to the trade, and the distribution of press releases and media kits to the media.

·     Organization of promotions in department stores

For many years, ITC has specialized in coordinating department store promotions across the United States, Canada and now Germany. These promotions are enriched by additional events constructed by ITC to further publicize and promote Made in Italy, such as wine tastings, fashion shows, window displays and receptions. Some of ITC’s most recent promotions were at Holt Renfrew across Canada and Saks Fifth Avenue across the United States. Presently, ITC is holding a large promotion with Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH in its three Premium department stores located across Germany: the KaDeWe in Berlin, the Alsterhaus in Hamburg and the Oberpollinger in Munich; three of the most historically important and most-visited stores (by tourists and locals alike) in the entire country. To announce this promotion, a series of wine tastings was organized by ITC in September 2013 at the Italian Embassy and in the three Premium stores, drawing numerous VIP and press. A unique Italian promotion that strongly publicizes the Made in Italy brand, Studio Italia will take place from April 1 to May 17, 2014 in the three department stores, and is supported by the Ministry of Economic Development through ICE-Agenzia.

·     Organization of visits by U.S. trade groups and media to foreign countries and vice versa

One of the ITCs strongest areas from its inception has been organizing such visits. These packages include all reservations and other arrangements with Italian and American venues to be visited (such as trade shows, manufacturing plants, wine producers and vineyards) and involve extensive promotional contacts and mailings to the press and interested trades people.

Further Activities

The ITC also organizes other promotional and commercial activities such as press presentations, market surveys, conferences, advertising and public relations campaigns and more.

The President of the International Trade Center, Dr. Lucio Caputo, has been active in the promotion of a large variety of products in the U.S. for over 35 years and has accumulated extensive experience in this field while serving as Italian Trade Commissioner for North America and later as President of the International Trade Center, the Italian Wine and Food Institute (both of which corporations he founded), and the European Wine Council. Lucio Caputo also holds membership in several prestigious American organizations.

He also founded Gruppo Esponenti Italiani (GEI), an association of representatives of leading financial and industrial institutions headquartered in the New York area. Dr. Caputo is also President of GEI.

GEI provides a forum for both Italian and American experts in politics, society, business and finance to exchange ideas on the Italian image and to organize special events to promote Italy. In particular, GEI hosts working luncheons with local and visiting personalities to focus on relations between Italy and the United States. Guests-of-honor have included the American ambassadors to Italy and the Italian ambassadors to the United States, numerous members of Italian Government and Parliament during their visits to the United States, as well as the presidents of various Italian regions, Senators, Governors, Mayors, chairpersons of leading companies and financial institutions, renowned journalists, educators and representatives of the cultural world.

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